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Looking to ‘cool down the pace’? ... then Jamaica is the place for you.  

Here you can relax on Negril’s Seven Mile beach, party in Montego Bay or just take in the glorious sunsets. Visitors also have numerous opportunities for scuba diving and fishing.

Hikers will love the jungle mountaintops whilst those interested in culture have Bob Marley,  carnivals and a melting pot of racial and cultural diversity.

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Good Stuff said something good Feb 20, 2013.

#Carnival in Jamaica is awesome and colorful. It takes place between February and April with the big events close to Easter in the main centers of #Kingston , #OchoRios and #Montego #Bay .

Be sure to check out the #Bacchanal carnival and the extravagantly costumed groups which parade and dance in the streets.


Proverbs for Life said something good Aug 25, 2012.

A #proverb and warning about premarital #sex .


Kirstie Phillips said something good May 12, 2012.

#TTD-Jamaica : #Firewater #pond is a well kept local #secret .

Granny May discovered the ability of this pond, which contains natural gases, to flame and as a result the #pool is now used to provide 'fire' and general #massage .... for up to six people. This bubbling spring is also said to help with poor circulation.

It is really off the beaten path and located at the end of a looping dirt road just outside of the #Runaway #Bay #roundabout in #St.Ann ... about a half hour from #OchoRios .


Jason Gregg said something good Oct 29, 2011.

Scenes from #Jamaica - great #beaches and awesome #sunsets


Zoe Harrison said something good Sep 15, 2011.

#MontegoBay is my favorite vacation spot. Love the beach lifestyle


Proverbs for Life said something good Sep 09, 2011.

Hog say, 'de first dutty water mi ketch, mi wash'." i.e. the pig says, I will take a bath even if the first stream I come across is dirty.

Parable means, make the most of the first opportunity that comes your way even if not ideal.

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