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I shared something good about Senegal Oct 24, 2012

#Goree #Island and its legacy of #slavery is a must place to see. Video narrated by Zion for OneWorld

I shared something good about Sierra Leone Oct 24, 2012

Nice images of #Freetown and its #people

I shared something good about Liberia Oct 24, 2012

#Monrovia is getting better and better each day. See this video of the progress

I shared something good about Brunei Oct 24, 2012

Enjoy views of he capital of #BandarSeriBegawan with its striking #mosques and picturesque water #villages

I shared something good about Guyana Oct 24, 2012

A trip to the awesome #Kaieteur #Falls which a high-volume #waterfall on the #Potaro #River in the #Potaro-Siparuni region in central Guyana.

Located in Kaieteur #National #Park it is about three times higher than the #Niagara Falls.

According to a #Patamona Indian legend, Kaieteur Falls was named for Kai, a chief, or #Toshao who acted to save his people by paddling over the falls in an act of self-sacrifice to Makonaima, the great spirit.

I shared something good about Suriname Oct 24, 2012

Some cool #street #dance moves from the Independence Square

I shared something good about French Guiana Oct 24, 2012

Great overview of #Devil's #Island which was a part of the notorious French penal colony for 101 years. In 1953 the #prison system was finally closed entirely.

Henri #Charrière's bestselling book #Papillon and adapted movie, describes his successful escape from Devil's Island, which is surrounded by rocky promontories and shoals, strong cross-currents and shark-infested waters.

I shared something good about Spain Oct 23, 2012

#awesome overview of #Barcelona

I shared something good about Botswana Apr 19, 2012

#PTS-Botswana : The #Chobe #National #Park has one of the largest concentrations of game in #Africa .

Those interested in #safari at its best with enjoy viewing the #Kalahari #elephants which roam the area and come to drink water out of the Chobe #river during the day.

The river is also a major watering spot for families of giraffe, sable and cape buffalo.

Image by roaming-the-planet courtesy Flickr

I shared something good about Uganda Apr 18, 2012

#PTS-Uganda : #Lake #Bunyonyi ("Place of many little birds") is beautiful and scenic and lies in south western Uganda between #Kisoro and #Kabale close to the border with @Rwanda .

With 29 #islands such as Punishment Island and surrounded by #volcanos and valleys, it is a popular location for #watersports and is known for the surrounding terraced hillsides.

image by amalthya courtesy Flickr

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