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Guide For Single Travelers Visiting Australia

When:Jan 12, 2018.

Guide For Single Travelers Visiting Australia


Many would think that traveling on your own means missing out on an adventure. However, every true adventurer knows that a new journey is a new life-changing experience. It also depends on which part of the globe you will explore. If you still haven’t discovered the land Down Under on your own, it’s high time you did! Australia has many tourist attractions for you to see and enjoy.

Here are a few to check out:

Take a dip

When visiting Australia, the tourist attraction number one you ought to see is the Great Barrier Reef. Located in the western part of the country, many tourists come here as to discover exotic aquatic life by diving or snorkeling. If this is not your cup of tea, then, visit one of many Australian beaches and take a dip in its glittering water. The famous Bondi beach, which is conveniently 8km away from Sydney, is the perfect spot for a single traveler to sunbathe or try surfing for the first time. For surf experts, we recommend Manly beach with its notorious waves.

Get in touch with nature

For all nature lovers, leave the concrete jungle behind and head off to New South Wales, where you will enjoy the scenery of the Blue Mountains and its blue horizon. Go hiking as to see some of the many popular tourist attractions there, like Wentworth Falls, which is a perfect location for a picnic and chill. Another place worth your while is the Three Sisters, a magnificent rock formation haunted by a tragic aboriginal legend about forbidden love. Bring a camera and take pictures of the unique wildlife. Nearby, in Leura, there are many shops and cafes to freshen up.

Places to see

The advantage of traveling on your own is that you are free to go anywhere. Therefore, make the most out of your vacation and go sightseeing in Sydney. The Australian metropolis has many sites worth visiting, from the famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge to its numerous museums. For example, learn about the Aborigines in the Australian National Maritime Museum. Check out its galleries and ancient ship exhibitions. On the other hand, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne occupying more than 30 hectors, where 8,500 different plants species are displayed, will just take your breath away.  

And so many things to do

When visiting the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you have an once-in-a-lifetime chance to climb it. A professional climbing team will lead you during this 45 minute-climb. If sightseeing walks are difficult for you, try balloon sightseeing instead. In Campbelltown, begin your three-hour sightseeing experience over the mainland. Taste exotic food in Spice Alley, the oriental part of Sydney. Along with nightclubs, Sydney's brothels are common tourist attractions. Since they are legal in certain parts of Australia, these brothels are known to be a safe choice for a one-night-stand, therefore, check some top Sydney brothels, as to have a pleasurable, guilt-free night.

Take a walk on the wild side

If the Australian wildlife fascinates you, by taking a short ferry trip near Sidney, you can easily get to Taronga Zoo. In the zoo, you shall get a chance to feed and meet its animal occupants such as koalas, platypuses or kangaroos. The local zoo gets a special ambiance during the summer when many twilight concerts take place. If you are eager to travel a bit further, visit Tasmania where you can enjoy the untamed nature, wilderness, and its cool weather. This island on the Australian southern part offers 19 nature reserves for tourists to explore.

G'day mate!

Hopefully, after reading about these tourist hotspots, you too shall be eager to take a dip and discover the land Down Under for yourself. G’ day mate!



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