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Top 5 Things to do in the Island Paradise of Boracay

Place:BoracayKalibo, AklanPhilippines
When:Mar 18, 2012.
Boracay Island is one of the 7,000 islands of the Philippines. Every year thousands travel to Boracay to experience the beauty that this Paradise has to offer. Here are the Top 5 Things that you can enjoy if you decide to visit one of Philippine’s pride, Boracay:
1. Reef Walking or Helmet Diving. This is one of the newest attractions that you can try if you go to Boracay. If you do not have a diving certificate yet, you can still get up close and personal with the creatures of the sea as you plunge into medium depth waters wearing your air helmet and walk under water.
2. Glass Bottom Boat. If you are not up to diving, you can still have a chance to experience Boracay’s marine life by renting a glass bottom boat. The boat has a glass floor so you can see the water below and the different sea creatures, which inhabit the reefs as the boat takes you to various parts of the island.
3. Parasailing. Parasailing is one of the most famous activities in the island. A special parachute is connected to a speedboat that will pull the parachute up and through the air as one or two passengers are strapped to the parachute through a harness.
4. Paraw Sailing. A paraw is a sailboat with outriggers that is the local boat use in Boracay. The paraw can fit a maximum of 8 persons and you can rent it anytime of the day but it is highly recommended that you take this paraw cruise late in the afternoon, so you can catch the sunset across the blue and crystal clear water of Boracay.
5. Cliff Diving at Ariel’s Point. If you are up for some adventure, you can try cliff diving from different heights of 10, 20, 35, 45, 55 feet. Or if you really want to do the extreme, you can jump from the billboard of Ariel’s Point, which is estimated to be at 65 feet.

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