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Andrew has been travelling around Australia for several years. He has now settled in Sydney
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5 Things to do for free in Sydney, Australia

When:Jul 28, 2011.
Sydney is a vibrant city---adventurous and chic, while also bordering on being urban and rugged. It is not surprising that it has always been on track to becoming an interesting global destination. The city has the reputation for being expensive and regal. But aside from that, it also features a down-to-earth design, giving its residents and visitors numerous opportunities to enjoy and explore the area for free.
There would never be a dull moment while you are in Sydney. Here are several activities you could enjoy without any cost.

1. Stroll across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Take the challenge to cross this iconic bridge, which is among the most recognisable structures not just in New South Wales but also in the entire Australia. Also known as the Coathanger, the bridge is an epitome of engineering ingenuity and modern design although it was completed way back in 1932. Strolling across the bridge could facilitate a fun-filled and challenging family adventure. Do not forget to take your camera with you as you might catch picturesque views from the steel arch bridge.

2. Go through ‘Writers’ Walk.’

There are cobble-stone streets found along The Rocks. Go along the Circular Quay promenade to go back in time and learn more about 50 of the country’s most famous writers. There are round metal plaques containing information about them, making this site more of an analogy to Hollywood Walk of Fame. Bring your friends and family with you if you intend to inspire them through the selection of thoughts and other information found on each plaque.

3. Drop by Government House.

The historic building is one of the most notable Gothic Revival structures in the whole of the state. Visiting the edifice would be an enriching experience as doing so could provide valuable lessons in art, history, and contemporary government. It was once the private residence of the Australian governor. Opened in 1996, the Government House was intended to be a ‘working State House,’ making it a good venue for community and government events.

4. Be awed by the National Maritime Museum.

In this site is a wharf that contains a fleet of old and historic boats. There are exhibits that feature items and memorabilia from the Aboriginal history through to the emergence of the current Australian Navy. Kids would certainly enjoy looking at the USA Gallery, which documents the trade relations between Australia and the United States. There is even a lighthouse (Cape Bowling Green). On school holidays and during Sundays, there are several family-friendly activities conducted for free like craft workshops and storytelling.

5. Have a picnic in Centennial Park.

Are you looking for an ideal site for a family picnic? Centennial Park is open for free. It has lush oasis, grassy hills, ponds, and vast woodlands to accommodate families and groups. In history, the same park is known as the inauguration venue of the Federation dating back 1901.



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