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Breathtaking, unique, spectacular are some of the words that describe this country that is literally high above the world.

The real beauty of Bolivia is its remoteness and the indigenous culture preserved over the years.

Whether you visit the western highlands up in the Andes Mountains, the majestic blue waters of Lake Titicaca or the Amazonian jungle, you will experience many cultural festivals and beautiful and striking scenery ... all for good value.
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Good Stuff said something good Aug 14, 2017.

#TTD-Bolivia : Make sure you check out the #wrestling women, the #FightingCholitas in #ElAlto .

These are often poorly-educated indigenous women known as #Cholitas and they wear braided hair, bowler hats and multilayered skirts in the ring.


Kirstie Phillips said something good Oct 30, 2011.


John Sanchez said something good Oct 08, 2011.


Alfie Johnson said something good Sep 27, 2011.

The salt flats #SalarDeUyuni are just amazing and one of the most stunningly beautiful places to visit

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