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Unspoiled wilderness, Lapland and thousands of lakes are some of the words often used to describe this Nordic country.

A place of contrasts, visitors can witness the famous Midnight Sun in the summer or experience the Northern Lights during the ‘sun-less’ winter.

With over 150,000 lakes, there are numerous opportunities for fishing and other water activities though those into skiing, Santa Claus reindeer tours and culture will have a lot to do too.

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Good Stuff said something good Jan 12, 2017.

#FestivalSonkajarvi : The #Wife #Carrying #World #Championships and #Festival has been held annually in #Sonkajarvi since 1992.

The objective is for the male to carry the female through an obstacle track in the fastest time and the 'prize money' is the wife's weight in #beer .

The event is inspired by the practice of wife-stealing and also a notorious robber named #Rosvo-Ronkainen from the late 1800s, who made potential #gang members carry loads to prove their fitness



Good Stuff said something good Apr 20, 2012.

Celestial Lights by Ole C. Salomonsen is an #awesome video, shot in the northern parts of Finland, @Norway and @Sweden during autumn 2011, winter and spring 2012.

It is a video about the #Northern #Lights and contains recordings from some of the most spectacular #auroral displays


Good Stuff said something good Feb 02, 2012.

The #Kakslauttanen #Igloo #Village located in the #UrhoKekkonen #National #Park is a great place to enjoy #Lapland and watch the #Northern #Lights from your bed. Enjoy reindeer-powered sleighs rides and stunning scenery

Photo: Visit Finland (Flickr)


Susan Dokes said something good Jan 01, 2012.

#NewYear celebrations from #Helsinki in front of the #Cathedral in #Senaatintori


Sarah Vargas said something good Oct 28, 2011.

#Helsinki and #Kauppatori the lively #market square and the #Cathedral in #Senaatintori ( i.e. #Senate #Square ) which is very popular.


Rick Tormala said something good Jul 30, 2011.

Beautiful home of my ancestors, land of SISU. You are innovative and created co-operatives. Take a look at Distributism and see the way MONDRAGON operates and put the Suomi spin on it!

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