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This beautiful East African country has something for just about everybody.

With the awesome Lake Victoria and several National Parks, visitors can relax, see several hundred species of bird or observe gorillas, lions and chimpanzees in their natural habitat.

Hiking enthusiasts will love exploring Rwenzori, "the Mountains of the Moon,” whilst those interested in white water rafting, bungee jumping and other forms of adventure will be spoilt for choice.

Explore Uganda by looking at the Info and Profile sections above and reading the user generated Experiences below.

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Mini Guides said something good Oct 19, 2013.

Lots of things to do in this beautiful country ... just enjoy this video


Sarah Vargas said something good Apr 18, 2012.

#PTS-Uganda : #Lake #Bunyonyi ("Place of many little birds") is beautiful and scenic and lies in south western Uganda between #Kisoro and #Kabale close to the border with @Rwanda .

With 29 #islands such as Punishment Island and surrounded by #volcanos and valleys, it is a popular location for #watersports and is known for the surrounding terraced hillsides.

image by amalthya courtesy Flickr


Johnson Blair said something good Apr 09, 2012.


Good Stuff said something good Dec 23, 2011.

#FOTW - smiling #face of a man from the #Jie tribe near #Kotido in the #Karamoja region

Image by Walter Callens


My little book said something good Oct 29, 2011.

Like what #non-profit #organisations and #charities like the #Kirabo #Foundation are doing to help people. For example, providing #scholarships and #support to orphaned and disadvantaged children


Sarah Vargas said something good Oct 26, 2011.


Alfie Johnson said something good Oct 14, 2011.

Very interesting documentary about the #Bakiga people of Southwestern Uganda and their #culture being gradually destroyed. #Festo #Karwemera story is very insightful


Carlos Mendoza said something good Oct 09, 2011.

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