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This nation on the Red Sea is one of the oldest civilizations in the world.

Those interested in culture and ancient monuments will marvel at the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphynx and the magnificent Temples of Luxor and Karnak.

Others can just cruise the Nile, dive in the Red Sea, take in the beautiful sunsets or simply explore the chaotic yet interesting city of Cairo.

Explore Egypt by looking at the Info and Profile sections above and reading the user generated Experiences below.

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The good guide said something good Jun 07, 2014.

Talking about living your #dream .

#sunaarashi is the first professional #sumo #wrestler from the African continent. Born Abdelrahman Shalan near #Cairo , Egypt he first became involved with sumo through an acquaintance at the age of 16.

In 2011 he came in third place at an international junior championship. The same year he decided to follow his dream of becoming a professional wrestler and moved to #Tokyo, Japan.

Follow his story


Jack Hanna said something good Dec 15, 2013.

Be sure to see the #Zabbaleen #Cave #Church , also known as the #Monastery of Saint Simon.

It is located in the #Mokattam #mountain in southeastern #Cairo in an area known as ‘garbage city’ because of the large population of garbage collectors or Zabbaleen that live there.

Image by vagabondblogger (Flickr)


Good Stuff said something good Feb 05, 2013.

#PTS-Egypt : Experience the #Sahara and the magical Western #Desert and White Desert with hauntingly beautiful #landscapes , incredible #rock formations, endless views and high mountains


Travel Advice said something good Aug 23, 2012.

#Travel #Advice #Egypt - important tips about #Cairo and other places from the Embassy of @Australia .


Jerry Fineman said something good Mar 30, 2012.

#PTS-Egypt : The #Giza #Pyramids just outside #Cairo is one of the ancient Seven #Wonders of the #World, a #UNESCO #World #Heritage Site and a major #landmark and #icon in the country.

The complex of ancient #monuments were built as tombs for #Kings (and Queens) and includes the 3 Great Pyramids and a massive #sculpture known as the Great #Sphinx - it faces the rising sun, and was revered so much by the people that they built a #temple in front of it.

Photo by Daryl Fritz (Flickr)


Serena Zhang said something good Oct 19, 2011.


Carlos Mendoza said something good Oct 09, 2011.


Tomiko Sake said something good Oct 08, 2011.

The #RiverNile is beautiful and has #amazing #sunsets - enjoy this video of a trip on the #Nile


Alfredo Petinelli said something good Oct 05, 2011.


Alfie Johnson said something good Sep 30, 2011.

The #Nile Valley and the Valley of the Queens & Kings

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