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Welcome to Travel Addict Magazine!
Travel Addict Magz is a free magazine focusing on inbound and outbound tourism industry & lifestyle.
Our intention is to enjoy more international travel away from Indonesia to all around country and expand


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jakarta, Indonesia

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jakarta, Indonesia

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Serena Zhang shared something good with me Aug 13, 2011

Love your magazine and its features

I shared something good Jun 24, 2011

Jakarta Great Sale is much more bargain and Crazy "too die for" compared to another Great sale in this region. #Trusted Me!

Design CrewsInc shared something good with me Jun 24, 2011

Like your answer on success. Simple but very true.

Would love to see some of your Indonesian videos and pictures as infoguides

Sarah Vargas shared something good with me Jun 20, 2011

You have a beautiful country. Would love to visit Bali and Jakarta sometime

I shared something good about Indonesia Jun 20, 2011

No matter where i go - I've still called Indonesia as a home sweet home...

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