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I'm a Tour Guide,Interpreter and Travel Consultant for the Calabria Region(English-Spanish), with more than a decade long experience at all levels(groups,individuals,etc.).

Over the years,I've accompanied and assisted so many important personalities,traveling to my region for the most diverse reasons(managers and top executives,actors,singers,

writers,you name it!).They were all very happy for the moments they lived with me....so if you ever come to Calabria,just connect with me for your unforgettable vacation of a lifetime!!!


Live in:
Reggio Calabria, Italy

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MOHAMMED MUNIRU COSMOS shared something good with me Mar 16, 2017

Thanks for sharing, I am a tour guide as well, based in Ghana, west africa,I am hopeful we can link up and possibly take up a business project together in tourism.

I shared something good Apr 07, 2012

For our guided tours and visits to Calabria: http://www.visitreggiocalabria.com/contact/contact.htm

I shared something good Jan 06, 2012

Hello,everyone from Colombia!!! :-)))

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