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United Kingdom
The good guide

Need any help? I can point you in the right direction

North Dakota, USA
John Cruthers

Had a health scare so now eating healthily. Can share some tips

New Zealand
Amanda Haehl

I am a registered dietitian and can give some advice about diet, exercise, special meals and food intolerances/allergies.

Colorado, USA
Design CrewsInc

keep fit fanatic and avid reader of health issues. Not a medical person but just know a lot due to my history. Can help

Czech Republic
david fowler

Avoid doctors, drugs where possible and try to look after my health naturally by eating well and exercising. Have tried many forms of alternative medicine and treatments and give asian massage.

Pratik Gohil


Eunice Stewart

know some first aid tips and old wives tales ... and they work. So let me know and maybe i can help

Texas, USA
sheila smith

at healthy, sleep well and drink a lot of water. Can beat that. Ask me somn?

Jack Hanna

A self help kind of guy. Know lots about vitamins and alternative treatments that can help. Ask me something

Tony Bianchi

Watch what you eat, drink loads of water and sleep well.

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