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United Kingdom
The good guide

Need any help? I can point you in the right direction

Tags: Faith
Alfredo Petinelli

Been a christian since i was little and still going strong. Can share something

United Kingdom
My little book

I love the Lord and willing to help others know Him better. Ask me something and if I know, I will answer. If I dont't, will try and find someone who does.

All About Jesus

Ask me questions about God, faith, life, love and family.

Pratik Gohil


North Dakota, USA
John Cruthers

I am a Christian and can share a few things

United Kingdom
Proverbs for Life

Can share some wisdom tips with you and quotes from religious books too. Love to impart wisdom to help people make better decisions

Colorado, USA
Design CrewsInc

I am a believer and willing to share what I know

Texas, USA
Sarah Vargas

love the Lord and a 'faithful' Christian. Willing to help answer questions. Now I dont know too much but also point you to others.

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