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Nature Hsu

Huangshan covers an area of 250 kilometers, of which 154 square kilometers are scenic attractions. Its landscape features "four wonders" of imposing peaks, spectacular rocks, odd-shaped pines, and seas of clouds.

Alfie Johnson

I love Jazz and can help with jazz related questions

Pratik Gohil


Colorado, USA
Design CrewsInc

I love to have a good time. Pretty unorthodox and can assist

Serena Zhang

I love to joke around and also organise fun events. Can give tips on what to do - general sort of stuff

United Kingdom
My little book

Love jokes ... clean ones! So ask me something or read my blog

Sergio Grom

Explore Rome (see one of my itineraries) and then have some relaxing time in the shopping area: Piazza di Spagna, via Dei Condotti, via Frattina etc just browsing or shopping. Try one of the famous ice-creams of Rome

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