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United Kingdom
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Tags: Leadership
Jack Hanna

An important quality the whole wrold over. Be a leader and LEAD. Can help with tips etc

United Kingdom
Kri8 ivity

Led several teams in multiple countries and functions (both in the profit and not for profit sector). Willing to provide guidance and tips

J Kariuki

Been a guide for 12+ years and expertise in hospitality,travel and facilitation skills.

United Kingdom
Ellis Jones

I am a business advisor and can help

North Dakota, USA
John Cruthers

Leadership is best done when you influence people. Can share some tips

Eunice Stewart

Serial business owner. Let me help u

Colorado, USA
Design CrewsInc

I am a leader ... I believe everyone is. Developed these skills at home, work and volunteering. Can provide tips

Alfie Johnson

Been a business leader for a while and managed multi functional teams and volunteers. Can offer some tips

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