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United Kingdom
The good guide

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John Koomson

Ghana's tourism / ecotourism / hospitality and the real local vibes... in a warm,friendly,secured,fair rich cultural heritage.

New Zealand
Amanda Haehl

I've traveled through much of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and parts of Asia. I love to share travel advice and of the beaten track destinations.

Chantrea CHHUON

Greeting from Cambodia! Hi! Welcome to Siem Reap-Angkor, Cambodia, the home of the world heritage site and the center of the former Khmer empire. Let me please present myself. My name is Chantrea. I’ve been a tour guide since 2007 and I have a vast

Alfredo Petinelli

Travel enlightens and refreshens you. Can share more

California, USA
Good Stuff

Can provide tips on several countries.

United Kingdom
Alice Bzowska

I am an expert on London!

Tags: london
Margaret AndrzejewskaBancewicz

Poland is a highly attractive destination. Do you know that Poland is a global leader in the manufacture of glass baubles ?

Czech Republic
david fowler

Can organise unique and unusual orientation tours to many euro capitals. Now based Prague but can easily meet you also in Berlin, Budapest, Vienna, Munich, Paris, London etc. BA in art history.

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