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United Kingdom
The good guide

Need any help? I can point you in the right direction

Pratik Gohil


Alfredo Petinelli

Love Soccer and Boxing and know a bit about the English Premier League. Can help out

Ryan Gates

F1 Race Provides Top Hospitality

Czech Republic
david fowler

I have coached and played tennis all my life. Great way to meet people while travelling and I love sports psychology and training methods.

Sergio Grom

Let's have a peddlar or motor-bike 3/4 hours visit of the highlights of Rome, both the archeological, the squares, the fountains and the Vatican

Adel Ta

I love to do Sports .

Susan Charles

If you 'suffer' as result of sports, ask me something. My spouse loves sports so much that i had had to 'endure a lotta pain' - just kidding. can help if u r going thru something similar

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