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United Kingdom
The good guide

Need any help? I can point you in the right direction

Colorado, USA
Design CrewsInc

Volunteer in my church and other non profits. Can guide

Alfredo Petinelli

Volunterring is a way to give back ... and I do that a lot. ask me how?

Pratik Gohil

Non Profit

Jack Hanna

Done volunteer work outside the US so can offer a lot of tips on living abroad

Texas, USA
sheila smith

better to give than to receive so I support a lot. If u want to help, can give us tips on who to support

Jim eagles

Reduce your dependence on government funding

Texas, USA
Titi Accam

Love volunteering and helping out, primarily with faith based groups. Also know a l'il bit about how to set up a charity/non profit so can help in that area.

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