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United Kingdom
The good guide

You can ask me questions on a variety of topics and i can point you in the right direction.

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ahmed Abdalfattah

i can guide you for making amazing touur in Egypt history and culture and nile cruise in private and groups budget and luxury style are availabal.

Alfredo Petinelli

Know a bit about flying and things like that

Alfie Johnson

I am a generalist so can help in a number of areas, namely outdoor activities and DIY

John Koomson


Joyce Xavier

Wonderful topic to discuss in the context of Kerala and it's people.

Nature Hsu

I'm a localnese at the foot of Yellow Mountain,and I'm quite familiar with some other world natural and cultural legacies in China. I've obtained the national certificate for both English and German tour guide and official outbound tour leaeder.

Pratik Gohil


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