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I shared something good Nov 16, 2015

Just love this version of the #Hillsong song by #DavidWesley . Enjoy and be #blessed

I shared something good Dec 12, 2014

I shared something good Dec 12, 2014

Just awesome - the KO #HipHop #Cello #Beatbox experience ... enjoy

I shared something good Jun 16, 2013

Be #inspired by this video - #determination and #courage can really pay off, both in your life and your business.

If you fall, get back up and never, ever give up

I shared something good about Nigeria May 07, 2013

#Funny portrayal of a #Jesus scene from the #Bible

I shared something good Mar 31, 2013

Today is #Easter Sunday.

This #Resurrection Sunday, please #order my steps ... in your #Word .

As i move into the next phase of my life, lead me, #guide me, everyday.

Show me how to walk, talk and give me a clean heart ... in your Word.


Because I want to walk worthy, fulfill my #calling and do your #blessed will.

I shared something good Mar 30, 2013

As the deer pants for water, so my soul longs after you.

#God ... you alone are my strength and shield

I shared something good Jan 23, 2013

Love this song by #AnthonyEvans - absolutely spot on!!

I shared something good Jan 22, 2013

Just over a year ago, #God gave us a wonderful gift. Thank God for His #blessings and all that He has done.

I shared something good Aug 04, 2012

Live #life to the max, live your #dream ... the choice is yours.

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