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I shared something good Aug 17, 2011

It's time for America to show vision and determination. It’s time to dream again! It’s time to believe again! It’s time to do again!

I shared something good Aug 17, 2011

Many politicians have skeletons in their closet. Well I have a Ghost in a Lighthouse. My Great-Great Grandfather Joseph Wiley Townshend haunts Seul Choix Point located in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula between the Straits of Mackinac and Manistique where he served as Lighthouse Keeper and died of cancer in 1910 and was embalmed in the basement. My Grandmother Dorothy St. Andre Tormala was Captain Townshend’s granddaughter and was born at Seul Choix Point Lighthouse in 1906. Grandma had fond memories of Grandpa Townshend and told me stories of his burial. The scenic lighthouse is beautifully preserved on the shore of Lake Michigan a paradise for fishing, swimming and boating. Grandpa Townshend was a Captain on the high seas for years and hailed from England where it was rumored he was related to the Marquis of Townshend. If you go to visit the lighthouse tell the Captain little Dot’s grandson says hello.

I shared something good Aug 10, 2011

Sandy Cohen Curator of the LBJ museum and designer of their exhibit To the Moon: The American Space Program in the 1960s regaled listeners with President Johnson’s role as Father of NASA, and as the political force providing the leadership that made President Kennedy’s vision of placing a man on the moon within the decade a reality. Mr. Cohen also outlined LBJ’s other numerous and significant accomplishments: many of the Great Society programs still operating effectively today like Head Start, Medicare, Foster Grandparents and especially President Lyndon Johnson’s landmark civil rights legislation. Rick Tormala and Sandy Cohen reminisced about the 60’s, LBJ’s impact on the nation and the space program.

The combination of Rocketeer Matt Johnson keeping alive interest in space and encouraging young people through the launching of model rockets and LBJ’s Museum Curator Sandy Cohen’s historical insights made for a great show on space, imagination, and the American spirit.

I shared something good about Finland Jul 30, 2011

Beautiful home of my ancestors, land of SISU. You are innovative and created co-operatives. Take a look at Distributism and see the way MONDRAGON operates and put the Suomi spin on it!

I shared something good about United Kingdom Jul 30, 2011

As over half and Englishman I thank my Mother's country for being the birthplace of Distributism the economic philosphy created by GK Chesterton and Belloc inspired by RERUM NOVARUM! Look to Spain's MONDRAGON corporation to see how it works!

I shared something good about Spain Jul 30, 2011

Thank you Spain and especially the Basque community for showing the world Distributism works on a macro level through the successful corporate giant MONDRAGON the famous worker owned and operated industrial co-operative. You example of efficiency and economic justice could be the salvation for the worlds economy!

I shared something good about USA-Michigan Jul 30, 2011

West Michigan is a great place to live, work and raise a family. Recently we had two events that brought our community together. The first was a tragic mass murder in Grand Rapids, but what defined our city was the heroic action of our police officers and the support and love of our great city bringing healing to all. I explain it in my blog. http://reflectionsofthelastdinosaur.blogspot.com/2011/07/always-thank-those-who-protect-and.html

The second was the passing of Grand Rapids First Daughter and how she was welcomed home. Here is one of many media reports.

How a city response to its worse days explains how it is at its best.

Titi Accam shared something good with me Jul 05, 2011

Congrats on your new granddaughter ... may she be a blessing to all

I shared something good Jul 04, 2011

I wrote this in honor of my new Granddaughter Emily Grace, along with a reflection on Independence Day. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Fourth of July!

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