Asked by guideAns Feb 24, 2011

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Answered by TravelAddict Magazine Jun 24, 2011
I'd NEVER been considered human was related to any kind of Ape or Monkey. So just ignored what Darwin's Theory is..


Answered by Jadranka Suster Jan 24, 2012
;-) Man didn't evolve from monkeys. Man and monkeys had the same ancestors that do not longer exist.

Answered by Wahid Zaman Mar 25, 2014
Humans did not evolve from monkeys; humans and monkeys both evolved from an extinct common ancestor.

Answered by ivan w Oct 20, 2014
Some monkeys make choices like striding on the ground or inventing some tools so the became human being .other part of them idled away all day so they are on the trees now.By the way I think whatever option is better than no option.

Answered by Safwat Farag May 19, 2015
I have no Idea

Answered by ortal extra May 04, 2016

Answered by emine candan Jun 14, 2017
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