Asked by guideAns Oct 31, 2010

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Answered by Susan Dokes Nov 07, 2010
It certainly is Russia (former Soviet Union)

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Answered by Eunice Stewart Jan 25, 2011
It must be Russia, the former Soviet Union

Answered by John Cruthers Nov 02, 2010

Answered by Johnson Blair Mar 20, 2012
In terms of land area it is Russia (part of the former Soviet Union)

Answered by Hillsong Music Fan Page Dec 28, 2012
Russia - the former Soviet Union

Answered by Aruna Nukala Apr 18, 2014

Answered by Tabassum Nishat Sep 01, 2014

Answered by emine candan Jun 14, 2017
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Answered by Sean Farr Aug 08, 2011

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