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An Insider Guide to Italy

Place:Turin, Amalfi Coast, FlorenceItaly
When:Jun 29, 2017.
Italy, Florence

How can you not visit the country where pizza comes from? Italy is the land of passion and romance, fine wine and delicious food, beautiful signorinas and dashing signores. So, if you would be so kind to follow me while I take you through the most scenic regions of this charming land, take you out for a drink in a lovely vibrant bar and get you a fix of Italian art and culture. Just don’t be mad if we get off the beaten track, I tend to get lost from time to time, especially when re-discovering the beauties of Italy.

Let’s rock in Turin

Trust me, there’s more to Turin than its conservative heritage. Yeah sure, it has a lot of astonishing buildings, mystical churches and whatnot, but did you know that its local band called Subsonica has become huge and has a totally unique sound that will have you dancing before you know it? Unfortunately, you’ve missed the opportunity to hear them in one of the underrated clubs by the river, but if you’re lucky enough you’ll hear their groovy electric rock. However, while waiting for Subsonica, there’s a ton of other stuff you can do in Turin. I absolutely adore the Unesco-listed Cavallerizza Reale, a vibrant community hub where you can mingle with the cool kids, attend a creative writing workshop, drama class or a local gig. Interesting fact: when the administration tried to privatise the complex, citizens spontaneously gathered to defend it. It has been a cultural hot spot ever since. True story.

Italy, Turin

Let’s chill at the Amalfi Coast

After rocking comes chilling, right? Well, I know a perfect place – Amalfi Coast. It’s also the perfect destination if you want to be classy, or at least pretend to be. Nonetheless, here, you can admire the amazing view of the blue sea merging with the sky while sitting on a beach chilling with your friends or some complete strangers. There’s another place I want to take you, I hope you’re up for some hiking. Listen to this – the hiking trail is called the Path of the Gods, how cool is that? We’ll start above the Amalfi and then see where the road takes us. One thing is sure – this will be one of the most scenic routes you’ll ever walk. I suppose that we’ll be hungry afterwards, so we can grab a bite at Conca del Sogno, an iconic local restaurant accessible only by boat. Nice, huh?

Italy, Amalfi coast

Let’s soak in some culture in Florence

I’m a real culture enthusiast, and there’s no better place to get a fix of art and culture than in Florence. Even if you aren’t into art that much, trust me, it’s worth seeing and you’ll be mesmerised. Florence itself is like a work of art – the astonishing Renaissance architecture nested between green hills with rivers meandering through the city. Yes, you can take a selfie or two, but you can’t see this every day, so you better pay attention. We’ll stop by the Museum of the Workshop of Semi-Precious Stones to stare in wonder at the intricate stonework, then chill at Pratolino, the Park of Villa Demidoff that was originally built by the Medicis and then we’ll get wasted in style at the Enoteca Pinchiorri, provided that we aren’t already broke.

Italy, Florence

Let’s cruise around the country

Do you want to try something completely different? Is cruising around Italy different enough for you? There’s a range of offers for barge cruises in Italy, and all you need to do is take your pick. My personal favourite is wine appreciation cruise, and I bet it’ll be yours, too. Not only do you get to explore the hidden Italian gems like the lovely cities of Mazzorbo, Chioggia and Adria, the beautiful Ducal and Schifanoia Palaces and even the medieval town of Soave, but you get to drink the finest wine Italy has to offers! And one more thing – you’re cruising on a boat with an open bar 24/7! Yeah, I know, where can I sign up?

Italy, Ducal palace

Ah, that charming Italy with all its beauties and wonders, how can you resist, right?



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