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4 of Australia's Coolest Sleepover Spots

When:Aug 14, 2017.

The mysterious Land of Down Under hides quite a few nooks ideal for all travel-enthusiasts who enjoy sleeping under the stars, but it’s also home to some of the most prestigious glamping spots. Whichever crowd you prefer, Australia has it all – the lush, untamed nature, versatile wildlife and picturesque views on land, sea and sky alike.
No matter where you point your camera, a perfect shot awaits. Perhaps the best of all perks of camping in Oz, winters are as versatile and welcoming as summers, so there will never be a dull moment. And despite its seclusion from the rest of the world (or maybe precisely because of it), Australia is every camping buff’s dream come true and these are some of its coolest sleepover spots waiting for their next batch of winter visits.

Dwell above the Great Barrier Reef


Unless you’re prone to sea sickness at the lightest touch of lively waters, this curious and authentic experience is worthy of a bucket list. Only 18 people are allowed to tag along off the coast of Cairns, where a pontoon can host a true glamping adventure atop the ocean waves. Below your tent lies a vivid world of thousands of underwater sea creatures and the colorful corals of Moore Reef, a stunning section that belongs to the Great Barrier Reef.The crew of Sunlover Reef Cruises promises quite a spectacle for all your senses, from captivating vistas of the never-ending ocean horizon, to the exquisite locally grown food, it’s a unique chance to bask in the splendor of tastes, scents and hues. Snorkel and dive among the marine life of the ocean only to fall asleep with the soothing sounds of nature exhausted with the thrill of it all.

Jervis Bay’s luxurious sustainability


Remember the translucent waters and crystal white beaches of Jervis Bay that had you head over heels in love at the very first glimpse of its curvy coastline? Well, going back to this little piece of heavenly Australian shores, you’ll discover the hidden tents of Paperbark Camp just outside of the town of Huskisson and nestled in the soft sandy embrace of the bay.You’ll be treated to a first-class meal in their dining room perched among the eucalyptus and paperbark trees, and then guided to your secluded, private tent to bask in the starry skies and the sound of the friendly surrounding wilderness. There are only 12 tents, but they all carry insect protection, sustainable solar-powered lighting and bedding you’d expect from a high-end eco resort.

The majestic roar of Cradle Mountain


A postcard-worthy picturesque region that will haunt your dreams with its indescribable beauty, Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain promises a once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially for those in love with the ethereal allure of snow. You can stay near the the Lake St. Clair National Park in cabins or cottages, and prepare for the dazzling vistas on the hiking trails and horseback riding.Even though you will be hiking mostly on level tracks, you’ll also have the opportunity to try some steep, rocky terrain or loose shale. It’s all about preparing your feet, ankles and knees for the kind of stress so bring your comfy Go Travel foot rest, and enjoy the perks of resting next to the camping fire, under the clear skies and relishing the howling of the mountain winds. Take in the view near Dove Lake, explore the guided trails or enjoy a lone expedition, and keep your eyes open for the Tasmanian devil and other curious creatures of the forest.

Sweet dreams under the stars of the Margaret River


Even if you’re not mesmerized by the idea of sipping some of Australia’s finest wine, the region of Margaret River is every nature-lover’s fantasy, and more than enough to entice a few days of classy camping in the Mile End elevated domes. The epitome of comfort, these cradled little oases offer a perfect escape form the hustle and bustle of city life and away into the embrace of Mother Nature.
Winter camping will mean even fewer people than usual, so the getaway experience will be complete. Wine lovers will have the opportunity to check out the well-known boutique wineries and enjoy the scenic vineyards, while you’re also welcome to purchase a few bottles of your favorite vintage and lull yourself to sleep with a good book, the sounds of the bushland around you and the memorable flavors of fine wine.
From raw camping experiences in the untamed wilderness of Tasmania, all the way to the ocean-inspired sleepovers off the coast of Cairns, Australia is a treasure trove for escaping to nature in every shape and form.
Any travel-enthusiast will be lucky to quench their wanderlust on this versatile continent even for a single night away from the city or a whole week far from the crowded concrete jungles. And although many spots near major cities such as Sydney or Melbourne always welcome numerous happy campers, these particular sleepover nooks are meant for those who want a true taste of Australia.



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