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Student of economics who loves unusual trips and have a plan to travel the whole world. She is an avid lover of photography. As she always loved to travel, she really loves to talk about her experiences.
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Get a First-Hand Aussie Experience by Visiting these 15 Top Sydney Attractions

When:Jul 13, 2017.

As an Aussie who adores traveling, I’ve made it my mission to go around this beautiful country and experience all that’s possible to experience. Whether I travel alone, with my hubby or my besties, there’s always something fresh and exciting to include in my must-see itinerary and I am delighted to share it with all of you travel junkies that share my passion for travel, adventure and the excitement that comes with each new landscape.
Although I could list out a few of the typically hyped Sydney destination, I think I’ll go another way around. I’ve been to Sydney on multiple occasions and from what I’ve seen and experienced – there’s more to it than Opera House (although there’s nothing wrong with Opera House, either). Without too much introduction, I am giving you a list of my favorite 15 places that should be experienced first-hand.

Take a dip in a landmark ocean pool

Sydney’s most famous beach has one the most (if not THE MOST) photographed ocean pools in Australia, making it a popular spot for tourists and occasional sunbathers. For 100 years straight, Bondi Icebergs have been a landmark that many people find absolutely fascinating. Here’s a fun fact about the pool: if you are thinking about becoming a member, you have to swim five years consecutively, three Sundays a month! However, if that’s too big of a stretch, you can enter for $6.50 and get access to the pool, gym, and sauna.


Noodles taste better under the stars


Get a slice of Singapore experience by munching on noodles (or any other food, really) in Spice Alley in Sydney. The open-air courtyard, tucked behind the Kensington Street laneway in Chippendale, looks incredibly sweet and romantic, bohemian even. I visit this spot each time I come to Sydney and I warmly recommend it!

Enjoy the secret garden

I just love the story of love, loss and renewal behind this landscape!
Home to artist Brett Whiteley, this area was an overgrown, dead-end dump for years. However, when Whiteley died in 1992, his widow Wendy used the garden to channel her grief, turning the place into an enchanting spacefilled with exotics, natives, herbs and towering fig trees. Walking through this garden, you’ll notice gulls, owls, wagtails, parrots, and kookaburras chattering amidst the flowers and berries and I bet you’ll get chills! Please go and see this marvelous place.

Talk to the animals at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo

You can’t visit Sydney without paying a visit to Taronga that houses 2,900 exotic and native species! Make sure you bring your camera, okay?

Climb the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge


Walk or cycle across this giant structure, or book any of the BridgeClimb expeditions for an ultimate experience. I’ve been there twice so far and I definitely plan to go again – as should you.

Go wild in the Blue Mountains


If you are a couch potato, you won’t love this one… but, if you are as outdoorsy as I am, you’ll love every second of it! Placed just a few hours from Sydney, the Blue Mountains National Park is famous for the Three Sisters rock formation and its blue-tinged escarpment. A popular spot for climbers, bikers and walkers, this landscape will leave you breathless. And if you girls want to have fun and still stay fashionable like many women desire, you can even look for some women’s snow gear fashion items and rock those slopes with style.

Spot blue gropers at Gordon's Bay


Created by sheer sandstone headlands and deeply incised gully, Gordon's Bay is a secluded spot north of Coogee Beach and south of the Clovelly Beach. If the day’s clear, go snorkeling and spot cuttlefish, sea urchins, starfish and blue gropers. The trail takes about 40 minutes to complete, so you’re good for a few cocktails in town later that same day.

Book a table at Hubert, the restaurant of the year

Although I am not that big on restaurants, this underground French place is a must-visit! As you walk through the door, you instantly feel disconnected from the outside world and become part of something Mediterranean, exotic and so different than anything Australian! Buzzing with people, this candle-lit restaurant is everything you need in your life.

Have a picnic at the Botanic Gardens


Sydney's Royal Botanic Gardens is one of the oldest public gardens in the Southern Hemisphere, and this is where Governor Lachlan Macquarie and his wife envisioned “English parkland setting with a grand house". Over the years, this area withstood invasions of flying foxes, fires, a windmill, cattle grazing, an aviary, and even a zoo. Today, it’s more of an urban jungle than anything else.

Enjoy your cocktail with a view

My husband took me here for our 10th anniversary, and made it one of the most beautiful experiences in my life! Whether you're coupled up or going solo, you’ll love everything about the hacienda. Making the most of the incredible harbour views that extend from the ferry dock at the Quay to the Bridge, Hacienda is a spectacular space filled with fake vines, soft lounges, hanging garlands and gentle orb lighting. Everything about it is superb.

Sail on Sydney’s beautiful Harbour

Hey, if you can afford it – rent a yacht (or go sailing on your own) and sail to Manly. It beats the ferry ride and it’s absolutely breathtaking!

Visit Camp Cove for some water activities


For a little tourist-brochure experience,visit Camp Cove and enjoy its turquoise waters and its phenomenal sloping shore. Another wonderful spot for outdoorsy types (sorry, I can’t help it!) – go snorkeling, scuba diving and/or paddleboarding and immerse yourself in all Cove’s beauty. By the way, Camp Cove is the starting point for a bush walk around South Head, so I suggest you take a walk around.

Discover a Convict Past at the Rocks

I love The Rocks Walking Tours! They are fun and educational, and they provide an entertaining portrait of Australia’s first European settlement. Book a tour by all means!

Sydney Harbour’s Cockatoo Island is your place for camping

Located in the Middle Harbour (this is just behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge), this is your perfect camping spot! Even if you are not a fan of camping, do it. You’ll both learn about the island’s history as a convict prison and enjoy the magnificent view. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Dine at Momofuku Seiobo


With a 14-course tasting prepared by Barbados-born Chef Paul Carmichael, this five-star Japanese restaurant is an experience different from anything you’ve ever seen or tried before. It’s pretty expensive, I’ll admit, but you owe it to yourself to visit this phenomenal place at least once.

Go backstage at the Sydney Opera House

Take a Backstage Tour of this iconic establishment and learn why it keeps bedazzling everyone from around the world (locals included!). Available in several languages and highly informative, the tour will blow your mind. I booked mine in French – needed a little brushing up!

Enjoy your Sydney time, loves, and make sure you make every moment count! Let me know where you’ve gone, okay?



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