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I shared something good about USA-Illinois Apr 11, 2012

awesome overview of #Chicago , its #people #parks #skyscrapers #beaches and lifestyle.

A great video that showcases the city from a number of different and less common vantage points.

I shared something good Dec 28, 2011

Interesting view point of countries in the #world with #McDonalds hamburgers outlets.

I shared something good about Japan Dec 27, 2011

Enjoy the #Dekotora (decoration truck) which are extravagantly decorated #trucks commonly having neon or ultraviolet lights and extravagant paints.

Image by antjeverena courtesy Flickr

I shared something good about South Korea Dec 27, 2011

Each year in Feb and June, low tide causes the sea between #Jindo #island and #Modi island to part for an hour

Legend has it that grandma #Ppong's prayer to the #DragonKing made this #miracle happen. The #Yongdung #Festival celebrates this each year

I shared something good about Iceland Dec 10, 2011

The Icelandic #Phallological #Museum contains a collection of more than two hundred and eighty penises and penile parts belonging to almost all the land and sea mammals that can be found in Iceland.

I shared something good about Bahamas Nov 29, 2011

Just love the #FishFry in #Nassau

original photo by r0sss courtesy Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/r0sss/4538013021/

I shared something good about Spain Nov 29, 2011

Love the sights and sounds of #Barcelona with its #aquarium #beaches and other attractions

I shared something good about Uruguay Oct 29, 2011

#Candombe is a #musical genre in #Uruguay that has its roots in the #African #Bantu and is also present in @Argentina and @Brazil - lots of #drumming and #dancing and #carnival like atmosphere

I shared something good about Jamaica Oct 29, 2011

Scenes from #Jamaica - great #beaches and awesome #sunsets

I shared something good about Antigua and Barbuda Oct 29, 2011

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