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In joining thegoodguide, you agree to abide by the following guidelines (along with our Terms and Privacy Policy). These have been put in place to ensure the site remains a fun place to share stuff and know more about our world. 
1. Respect and Courtesy 
What do you see? well ... it depends on how you look at it!
Thegoodguide is a global community, and with so much diversity, people can look at or hear the 'same' thing and arrive at different conclusions ...  just like looking at the image above. Please be tolerant, treat others respectfully and do not engage in racist, sexist and other hate speech.  We rarely remove content but any such posts will be immediately removed.
2. Do not spam others or share inappropriate content 
Do not send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately or share adult or otherwise objectionable content.  We rarely remove content but any such posts will be immediately removed.
3. Do not overtly 'promote' your activities

The Country and State pages (e.g. Stuff and Q&A) should be used to share information about places and NOT for outright promotion of services, products or other opportunities. We rarely remove content but any such posts will be immediately removed.
You can however 'indirectly' promote your tours and activities by putting things in context - give some narrative about the place, topic or issue and add a video or a link to your website as a reference.  
If you wish to directly promote your products and other services, you can do so on your profile page.
4. Content    
If using material you did not create (e.g. images) please acknowledge the source in your posting.  
Content owners: if you find a violation of your terms, please contact the user and if no action is taken, contact Admin with the details and we will do our best to resolve the issue.
5. Stay safe and also report bad behaviour  
Be careful about personal information you share especially if others can use it to find you offline. 
Thegoodguide relies on the community to identify and report offenses. If you find something in violation of our guidelines or consider inappropriate, use the 'flag' option or contact Admin (please include a relevant URL and an explanation.)
6. Be yourself, explore our world and ... share yours
Do not be a fake,  register someones name as your username or act like you are someone else ... your account could be disabled.
Instead, find out more about the world and share something interesting or unique about places you know about.
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