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Enjoying Croatia For The First Time

When:Aug 08, 2017.
While many towns and cities such as Dubai are known for their spectacular buildings and great shopping opportunities, Croatia is mainly loved for its amazing historic features, islands, beaches and beautiful sceneries. If you are a lover of history and have not visited Croatia yet, then you have not seen it all. Below are some of the best fun-filled places you should consider visiting while in this small but beautiful country.


Plitvice national park

This is one of the most breathtaking destinations in all of Europe. It is comprised of lakes, waterfalls and beautiful lush forests. It is home to the famous sixteen lakes that interconnect. These incredible lakes have different distinctive colors including blue, green and gray. Here, you can use boats or maneuver using the wooden walkways built all over.


Dubrovnik (pearl of the Adriatic)

This old town that dates back to the 7th century is located on the southern tip of Croatia off the famous Adriatic sea. It was started during the maritime trade. Most of the houses here are orange-roofed giving it a magnificent aerial view. Its historic side has ancient defensive walls, cobblestone streets, magnificent palaces and old churches. Also, there are beaches such as the Banje and Lapad as well as proximity to the Lokrum Island .



How would you feel walking in a 3000-year-old town? Well, this rich in history city gives you the opportunity. Being on the Dalmatian coast, you can enjoy history as you sunbathe, swim and enjoy the beaches. The best thing about this city is that it is not as crowded as some of the other destinations in Croatia. At its core is the old town where you can enjoy sightseeing attractions such as the Roman ruins.

Stari grad plain

If you are a distinctive lover of nature, this is your place. The landscape here is incredible and breathtaking. This amazing place has an authentic ancient Greek theme.


This is by far the largest city in Croatia which explains why it is the capital. It combines both modern life and historic attractions. The upper town, which is the center of history that dates back to the 11th century has great old churches and towers. This city should definitely be on your primary list.


Krka national park

This beautiful place is located in Dalmatia (Sibenik Knik county). It is characterized by beautiful waterfalls, clear natural pools of water and a lot of green. It is a great place to capture your photos on the camera and enjoy natural swimming.


This is a 30-mile island located off the Adriatic coast. Lush green forests, vineyards, olive groves, sandy beaches and beautiful villages await your visit. You should definitely set foot here and have a breath of the cool air and welcoming people around.

Other major places you cannot afford to miss include:

· Seven planet heritage sites

· The cathedral of St James

· Hvar

· Split

· Rovinj

Real estate in Croatia can be described as well established and defined. Places like Rijeka, Opatija Rivera, Istra, and Crikvenica offer beautiful and incredible beach houses and more. In a nutshell, you can rent or purchase very affordable luxury homes and property all over Croatia and never regret the move.

Croatia is a country that combines civilization, modern life, fun, and history. Besides visiting the breathtaking places, you can also enjoy watching the enjoyable football matches by local teams in different stadia. The best time to visit Croatia is during spring. If you are a traveler, you should with no doubt include it on your bucket list.



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